What Is The Craze Around Curtain Walling In London?

Curtain walling is a lightweight structure made of aluminium, the glazing of which is placed from the outside and is maintained by glazing. This method of assembly allows alternating fixed panels with openings – French, tilt-turn, English, Italian – while preserving a uniform interior / exterior appearance.

Curtain walling is recognizable thanks to its checkerboard effect or frames. Its glazed panels are maintained by glazing beads on open or fixed aluminium profiles and separated by hollow joints. Each frame is independent and has its own waterproof barrier, air and wind. The filling elements are therefore not clamped against the supporting structure but mounted from the outside. The technical reference frame for the design of aluminium facades (DTU 33.1) requires an anti-removal system in order to avoid untimely dismantling of these fills.

In terms of energy performance, a double ventilated and concealed skin is the perfect complement of a curtain walling façade. It greatly improves the thermal balance of a building by reducing its heating consumption in winter and its need to cool in summer (buffer volume function). This benefit is achieved through the use of integrated ventilation systems or even venetian blinds placed between the inner wall and the outer wall of the glass facade. In terms of energy itself, the craze for curtain walling in London is amply justified.

The term “curtain walling” is understood to mean a curtain façade generously constituted by glazing. The glass fills are used either directly in the grid or in the windows placed in this grid (French window, tilt / turn, hidden opening, etc.). The integration is carried out according to three methods: by bonded, parted or attached glass.


Take Good Care of Your UPVC Doors And Windows

Many people believe that UPVC windows or doors can’t be repaired and thus they end up buying replacement door and windows even when they don’t need it. There are a few tricks of keeping the windows and doors of your house in perfect condition.

•    You should not use or lubricants on the hinges or nylon moving parts. Instead, use aerosol wax which contains silicone.
•    Once in a year, put light lubricants on all metal parts, especially on door locks and friction stay of the window hinges.
•    When washing the windows, don’t mix cleaning agents in the water as that washes away the seals.
•    Add good amount of cream cleaner to warn water when you are cleaning the springs of your white UPVC windows. Do not use any abrasive material on the wood-grains of the windows.
•    Do not use lubricants on the track of your patio door. Instead, use a brush to clean the dirt and mud from the track.
•    Make sure that you keep the security unlocking keys handy in each room to avoid a lock down.

For a more professional approach, you should hire an agency who does double glazing repairs in Essex. If you check the local pages, you will many such agencies advertising their services. If they try to sell you a new UPVC windows after discussing the repair, don’t listen to them and hire someone else instead.

The Appeal Of The Toughened Glass!

Tempered glass is a safety glass with high resistance to thermal and mechanical shocks. It is obtained from an ordinary glass to which a particular heat treatment is applied. This treatment consists of heating the glass to about 600 ° C. and then cooling it rapidly. It is this treatment which gives toughened glass its strength: it is estimated that, for the same thickness, a toughened glass is five times stronger than an ordinary glass. In addition, this type of glass has special properties in case of breakage: it is broken into small, non-sharp pieces, which reduces the risk of injury. If you are interested in this type of glass then do visit one of the many toughened glass suppliers in London which will make you discover all their varieties.

The advantages of a toughened safety glass

Tempered safety glass is recommended for domestic use. Especially for your entire shower wall creations, and all furniture in general: table, shelf, furniture protection. The toughened safety glass is a glass which has undergone a heat treatment which will make it five times more resistant than an ordinary glass of the same thickness. Thus this will increase its resistance to shocks, and to heat. Ideal for shower wall and bathtub and all domestic use, in case of violent shock, this glass breaks into non-hazardous pieces.

Where and how to use toughened glass?

The toughened safety glass finds its place in indoor and outdoor housing and in professional environments (offices, shops and shops) or for side windows of agricultural or construction vehicles. This highly resistant glass is used, for example, for the production of glass walls, glass doors, glass tables, small glass furniture and any other embodiment requiring special strength and minimum safety. Contact anyone of the toughened glass suppliers in London to look for a quote and also to take a look at the various designs.

The Advantages of a Revolving Door

A revolving door is a door operating according to the principle of the turnstile. It was created in 1888 by Theophilus Van Kannel. These doors are made up of several wings, generally 4 glazed wings, which revolve in the same direction within a circular cylindrical cell. The direction of rotation of these doors is in most cases anti-clockwise. They are often found at entrances to malls or skyscrapers. They have the advantage of acting as a lock chamber, limiting the exchange of air between the interior and exterior of the building.

The entrance of a building plays this crucial role because it is a point of control of the flow of traffic of the people that marks the arrival to a visitor. It is the first point of contact for a visitor with a building: his business card. Like any major crossing, entry must conform to a building’s criteria in three key areas: sustainability, safety and maintenance. To this is added a fourth area: quality aesthetics. Revolving door is a beautiful entrance that gives a prestigious look to your building; building where people feel welcome. But in order to make it long lasting you need to get services for revolving door maintenance.

The additional advantages of our revolving door:

•    Energy saving
•    Guarantee of a fast and safe passage
•    Increased user comfort for your visitors
•    Managing your visitor flows
•    Recovery of your entire investment
•    Current entry through periodic maintenance

Types of Window Films

Window films come with different purposes and are manufactured using various coatings to provide the best solution for any window. In this blog we will list down the types of window film available for different needs.

•    Solar control window film – by installing this type of film, you will reduce heat gain through windows. They are mainly used for conservation rooms since they reduce heat and glare and also in office where it’s insulating properties is a cost effective way to reduce energy costs.
•    Decorative Window Film – these films usually are used as store front where the company logo is usually used. You will normally find these at malls on large panes of frosted glass or opaque glass panes. Along with displaying the company’s logo, the other function is to prevent people from walking in to the glass panes.
•    Security window filmSecurity window film in London is quite common since it helps in preventing intruders from getting inside your home/office. By coating your home/office window with this film, you make it hard for your glass to smash since the film will hold the pieces together. It also exists a privacy film which reduces the visibility from outside thus making your valuable items hidden from malicious people. You can use laminated glass or even toughened glass to add to this safety.

There are new types of window films available on the market. Try looking for a specialised window film manufacturer first and read the reviews. There are so many cheap imitations of good window films available out there that it is very easy to fall into their trap. Make good use of internet and get informed before the final purchase.

Analyse Strength and Weaknesses of the Vendors

Toughened glass is a standard requirement for buildings. Many local authorities have made it mandatory for the builders to use toughened glass for house and windows. Thus, for the buyers, the main challenge would be to find a decent toughened glass supplier in London. It is important for the buyers to find a seller who would give them a great rate and also deliver supplies which can be used for the buildings. Thus, there should be some criteria of selecting the best supplier around. Like any other business plan, the buyer should draw the SWOT analysis to find the best toughened glass as well as the best toughened glass supplier. With this strategy, the buyers can find minimum bang for his buck.

The first logical step would be to analyse the strength of all the toughened glass suppliers around. The strength of a supplier would be the delivery cost, the size available with them, their turnaround time, the complex shapes they can produce and whether or not they would be supplying the delivery for free. These factors can determine the strength of the sellers available.

Next logical step would be to find out their weaknesses. The weaknesses could be the delay in production, the lack of a rich portfolio, limitations to small sizes, inefficiency in producing complex shapes, delivery time needed and the payment mode. Some of them have a very big turnaround time, compared to others. Furthermore, some of them add a high delivery charge to the cost of the glass. All these weaknesses should also be considered when choosing a particular company.

Door and window maintenance with WMS Ltd.

Window Maintenance services has grown its branches to several other similar segments as well. One of the most prominent segment other than windows maintenance includes the maintenance of doors. Windows maintenance services which works around in and around London, Essex, and Hertfordshire etc. takes up a lot of client and arranges a repairing session according to the need of the client. The dedication towards the supply and maintenance of the windows and doors of the clients reflects in the attentiveness to the cases they manage. Nevertheless, the demand of door maintenance is equally high for WMS limited.

Revolving Door Maintenance

Most of the hotels, offices and the commercial public buildings are equipped with revolving doors for better accessibility and appearance. The doors are pretty convenient and work like charm as well. However, there are a lot of instances when doors squeak a lot or it becomes difficult to lock or push. More common problems include the damage of the cover and loosening of the door handles. Window maintenance services make sure these problems do not last long for the clients. They vigilantly try to detect the minor problems occurring from this situation and also provide a feasible solution to it. Be it a natural hazard or a created hazard in which the doors start creating problems, WMS dedicates their instant time in solving them. If in any case it is not solved instantaneously, they make sure to take the necessary steps to resolve it quickly. The revolving door maintenance service is restricted to the commercial segment only.