Take Good Care of Your UPVC Doors And Windows

Many people believe that UPVC windows or doors can’t be repaired and thus they end up buying replacement door and windows even when they don’t need it. There are a few tricks of keeping the windows and doors of your house in perfect condition.

•    You should not use or lubricants on the hinges or nylon moving parts. Instead, use aerosol wax which contains silicone.
•    Once in a year, put light lubricants on all metal parts, especially on door locks and friction stay of the window hinges.
•    When washing the windows, don’t mix cleaning agents in the water as that washes away the seals.
•    Add good amount of cream cleaner to warn water when you are cleaning the springs of your white UPVC windows. Do not use any abrasive material on the wood-grains of the windows.
•    Do not use lubricants on the track of your patio door. Instead, use a brush to clean the dirt and mud from the track.
•    Make sure that you keep the security unlocking keys handy in each room to avoid a lock down.

For a more professional approach, you should hire an agency who does double glazing repairs in Essex. If you check the local pages, you will many such agencies advertising their services. If they try to sell you a new UPVC windows after discussing the repair, don’t listen to them and hire someone else instead.


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