The Appeal Of The Toughened Glass!

Tempered glass is a safety glass with high resistance to thermal and mechanical shocks. It is obtained from an ordinary glass to which a particular heat treatment is applied. This treatment consists of heating the glass to about 600 ° C. and then cooling it rapidly. It is this treatment which gives toughened glass its strength: it is estimated that, for the same thickness, a toughened glass is five times stronger than an ordinary glass. In addition, this type of glass has special properties in case of breakage: it is broken into small, non-sharp pieces, which reduces the risk of injury. If you are interested in this type of glass then do visit one of the many toughened glass suppliers in London which will make you discover all their varieties.

The advantages of a toughened safety glass

Tempered safety glass is recommended for domestic use. Especially for your entire shower wall creations, and all furniture in general: table, shelf, furniture protection. The toughened safety glass is a glass which has undergone a heat treatment which will make it five times more resistant than an ordinary glass of the same thickness. Thus this will increase its resistance to shocks, and to heat. Ideal for shower wall and bathtub and all domestic use, in case of violent shock, this glass breaks into non-hazardous pieces.

Where and how to use toughened glass?

The toughened safety glass finds its place in indoor and outdoor housing and in professional environments (offices, shops and shops) or for side windows of agricultural or construction vehicles. This highly resistant glass is used, for example, for the production of glass walls, glass doors, glass tables, small glass furniture and any other embodiment requiring special strength and minimum safety. Contact anyone of the toughened glass suppliers in London to look for a quote and also to take a look at the various designs.


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