The Advantages of a Revolving Door

A revolving door is a door operating according to the principle of the turnstile. It was created in 1888 by Theophilus Van Kannel. These doors are made up of several wings, generally 4 glazed wings, which revolve in the same direction within a circular cylindrical cell. The direction of rotation of these doors is in most cases anti-clockwise. They are often found at entrances to malls or skyscrapers. They have the advantage of acting as a lock chamber, limiting the exchange of air between the interior and exterior of the building.

The entrance of a building plays this crucial role because it is a point of control of the flow of traffic of the people that marks the arrival to a visitor. It is the first point of contact for a visitor with a building: his business card. Like any major crossing, entry must conform to a building’s criteria in three key areas: sustainability, safety and maintenance. To this is added a fourth area: quality aesthetics. Revolving door is a beautiful entrance that gives a prestigious look to your building; building where people feel welcome. But in order to make it long lasting you need to get services for revolving door maintenance.

The additional advantages of our revolving door:

•    Energy saving
•    Guarantee of a fast and safe passage
•    Increased user comfort for your visitors
•    Managing your visitor flows
•    Recovery of your entire investment
•    Current entry through periodic maintenance


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