Types of Window Films

Window films come with different purposes and are manufactured using various coatings to provide the best solution for any window. In this blog we will list down the types of window film available for different needs.

•    Solar control window film – by installing this type of film, you will reduce heat gain through windows. They are mainly used for conservation rooms since they reduce heat and glare and also in office where it’s insulating properties is a cost effective way to reduce energy costs.
•    Decorative Window Film – these films usually are used as store front where the company logo is usually used. You will normally find these at malls on large panes of frosted glass or opaque glass panes. Along with displaying the company’s logo, the other function is to prevent people from walking in to the glass panes.
•    Security window filmSecurity window film in London is quite common since it helps in preventing intruders from getting inside your home/office. By coating your home/office window with this film, you make it hard for your glass to smash since the film will hold the pieces together. It also exists a privacy film which reduces the visibility from outside thus making your valuable items hidden from malicious people. You can use laminated glass or even toughened glass to add to this safety.

There are new types of window films available on the market. Try looking for a specialised window film manufacturer first and read the reviews. There are so many cheap imitations of good window films available out there that it is very easy to fall into their trap. Make good use of internet and get informed before the final purchase.


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