Analyse Strength and Weaknesses of the Vendors

Toughened glass is a standard requirement for buildings. Many local authorities have made it mandatory for the builders to use toughened glass for house and windows. Thus, for the buyers, the main challenge would be to find a decent toughened glass supplier in London. It is important for the buyers to find a seller who would give them a great rate and also deliver supplies which can be used for the buildings. Thus, there should be some criteria of selecting the best supplier around. Like any other business plan, the buyer should draw the SWOT analysis to find the best toughened glass as well as the best toughened glass supplier. With this strategy, the buyers can find minimum bang for his buck.

The first logical step would be to analyse the strength of all the toughened glass suppliers around. The strength of a supplier would be the delivery cost, the size available with them, their turnaround time, the complex shapes they can produce and whether or not they would be supplying the delivery for free. These factors can determine the strength of the sellers available.

Next logical step would be to find out their weaknesses. The weaknesses could be the delay in production, the lack of a rich portfolio, limitations to small sizes, inefficiency in producing complex shapes, delivery time needed and the payment mode. Some of them have a very big turnaround time, compared to others. Furthermore, some of them add a high delivery charge to the cost of the glass. All these weaknesses should also be considered when choosing a particular company.


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