The Truth About Double Glazing Repairs

The moving parts of the doors and windows fail mostly, including hinges, locks, handles and glass units. We provide double glazing repairs in Hertfordshire but you can repair these yourself as well. People mistakenly think that these windows and doors can’t be repaired and often install new doors and windows.

If you check the local Yellow pages and check under double glazing repairs, you will see many agencies offering these services in your locality. However, we are different as we don’t try to sell new units when the old units can be repaired and made anew.

 Many double glazing producers have gone out of business, leading people to believe that the part for their windows are not available anymore. However, even if the windows were installed in the 1970s, the spare parts are still available. Many agencies of today, however, wouldn’t want you to know this as they want to sell the newer parts which leads to more profit than simple repair jobs. But, we reiterate, you can repair those windows, instead of buying those.

 So, in a nutshell, you can get your windows repaired and there are honest double glazing repair agencies like us available who would do the job. You can find these agencies using the local Yellow pages or using Google web search. However, ensure that you find a quality repair who don’t want to forcibly sell a new window or door to you.


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