Replace Window Glasses By Yourself

Installing new glass for your windows can be done yourself. Here is how.

The replacement glass should be of exactly the same size with the broken glass. You can either buy it directly, if it is a standard size or you can cut it using a glass cutter. It should be one inch smaller than the frame opening where it will be fitted. Put the glass there and press it firmly.

Hold the glass and then insert the glaziers after every 4 inches. These glaziers will hold the glass firmly to the pane. However, don’t use excessive force while inserting the glaziers.

Put each glazier’s point flat to the glass. Using a putty knife, insert them into the wooden frame. Now you should use a glazing tool to drive their points into the wood. To remove the danger of breaking it, use the glazing tool parallel to the glass.

Applying Putty

Putty should be dry and thick. If it is too thick, thin it according to the manufacturer’s guide. Use an old flat glass to create putty of right shape and consistency.

Prepare it until it is ready to apply and free of any lump. Then create thin and long strips. Take this strip, put it on side of the new glass and press it completely. Once it is in place, use a putty knife to spread it evenly. Using even, long strokes, you can place it perfectly. Now, use the glazing tool but make sure it is clean as corrosion is completely unwanted here.

Check the shape of the glass to learn the best way of applying the putty. The putty should cover the points of the glaziers completely. It should also be spread so that the glass is hold to the frame firmly while the putty isn’t visible from the other side of the window.

While it is a rather simple task, it might consume time and energy. You might consider calling professional agency, providing window glass replacement London to do the job for you.


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